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Where is "module" to download?

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Avatar Genki 4 post(s)

Where is the link to download the module (not the stack) for Subversion?

I’ve already installed WAMP stack on Windows XP. Now I want to install Subversion.

On the page, it lists Subversion under “Application Stacks.” I downloaded it but the installer is asking for a web port number. In another forum post, I read that this message means that I should install the module, not the stack. I can’t find the module.

Do I need to download it from here?

Avatar antonio 621 post(s)


Subversion stack is not available as module. Actually, modules refer to web applications, while Subversion is another server. If you only need a Subversion installation, it is not needed to download WAMP. Anyway, if you post your actual requirements (I mean, what you need to have at the end), maybe I can help you by providing more information.


Avatar Genki 4 post(s)

Thanks for the reply.

I’m developing in PHP on my local computer and want to use SVN to track the changes to the PHP code.

I’ve already installed the BitNami WAMP stack. Next, I’d like to get SVN installed.

Avatar sphereoid 8 post(s)

So can I run multiple subversion stacks from my server?

Also is there a way to password protect my subversion stacks?

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