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sugar vmware: is there a desktop?

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I’ve noticed that by default myphpadmin is configured to run only from the bitnami sugar machine. How do I do that? Is there a desktop on the vmware image with a browser? I can log on with Putty but all I have is a command window. I have changed the myphpadmin config to allow me to get it from my Windows XP box, but I’m still curious if there is a desktop on the bitnami sugar system and how I start it.

I’m trying to install the Java JDK to use ZuckerReports and unfortunately all the OpenSuse instructions assume I’m using YaST on a desktop environment.

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In this FAQ you can find how to change the phpMyAdmin configuration to enable it from any IP address

If you want to install any other package I suggest to use the “zypper” package manager tool.

# zypper install java-1.6.0-openjdk

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