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tomcat manager

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Avatar jcb9000 2 post(s)

Using the native tomcat stack, 6.0.32.

I deployed a web app with the manager application. Everything went fine.

I later stopped and undeployed that same app.

Now, I want to redeploy it. But I get 403 Access Denied every time. I’ve tried flushing everything, stopping and restarting, logging in again, checking that my user name is set for manager access (it is, plus it worked the first time)….

Clues? Thoughts? Discuss?

Avatar jcb9000 2 post(s)

Actually I discovered that if I invalidate all sessions (set idle time to 0 minutes), and then do the deployment again, it works. Doesn’t ask me to log in again, either.

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)

I’m glad you fixed the issue.