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AccountManager egg install kills Trac Stack Apache

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Avatar doubtintom 4 post(s)


We installed BitNami Trac Stack yesterday, and the installation was humming along fine.

Then to day I attempted to install Trac AccountManagerPlugin, using instructions found in
8.3.1 Installing Trac plugins and Python eggs – NOTE FOR WINDOWS USERS

Everything seemed to go OK, but after that installation and trying to access trac, I
get a 500 Internal Server Error in the browser, and the following suspicious
lines in the Apache error log, the quad backslashes looking suspicious. Can’t be righ
can they? What caused this and how can I fix it?


[Wed Oct 27 16:59:14 2010] [error] make_obcallback: could not import mod_python.apache.\n
ImportError: No module named mod_python.apache
[Wed Oct 27 16:59:14 2010] [error] make_obcallback: Python path being used “[‘C:\\\\PROGRA~1\\\\BITNAM~1\\\\apache2\\\\bin\\\\lib\\\\site-packages\\\\setuptools-0.6c11-py2.5.egg’,
‘C:\\\\Program Files\\\\BitNami Trac Stack\\\\trac\\\\Lib\\\\site-packages\\\\Trac-0.12-py2.5.egg’]”.
[Wed Oct 27 16:59:14 2010] [error] get_interpreter: no interpreter callback found.
[Wed Oct 27 16:59:14 2010] [error] [client] python_handler: Can’t get/create interpreter.

Avatar doubtintom 4 post(s)

It looks to me like the messed up python path, with quadrupal backslashes, has something to do with Apache not being able to run mod_python. What I don’t know is whether the invalid path is a cause or effect.

I have scoured the BitNami Trac Stack directory looking for the definition of the python path, and have not yet found it. If anyone can suggest where to look, I would be very glad.

It occurs to me that the python path may be statically defined, or else perhaps calculated at runtime. Even so, there seems to be a configuration mistake somewhere that is introducing the quadrupaled sets of backslashes.

Many thanks in advance for any help.


Avatar victoria Administrator 134 post(s)

Hi Tom,

I have tried to reproduce it but I can successfully install the AccountManager plugin. Which Windows version are you using? Which exact steps did you execute?

I installed the AccountManager plugin from trunk using easy_install. Then I stopped the services and executed the update_mod_python_libs.bat script. After starting the service everything is ok.

Best regards,


Avatar doubtintom 4 post(s)


Thanks for the reply. WinXP here. Exact steps too numerous to mention. I picked up the installation from a colleague. Basic install was working. I was getting repositories set up, adding features, plugins, customizing, etc.

I have a hunch I did something twice that I should not have while attempting to install AccountManager. I had not see “8.3.1 Installing Trac plugins and Python eggs – NOTE FOR WINDOWS USERS” in the README when I was attempting to install it. I’ve installed trac & AccountManager on Linux previously. I’m pretty competent installing & customizing Linux software & even Windows software.

So I think the \\\\ instead of \\ in the python path (which would definitely break python AFAIK) must have been created by me doing some command twice instead of once. I wish I knew how to undo that step, because I think I’m facing an uninstall and then reinstall to get another clean shot at installing AccountManager. I’m thinking that the python path definition is either in a file in the Bitnami stack somewhere, or else in a config file somewhere, or in a database somewhere, or else calculated on Bitnami stack startup or ?? I wish I knew because it should be fixable, and probably easily if one knew where the path is defined.

If I do a Windows uninstall of BitNami Trac Stack, how much of my configuration will be erased? I wish I did not have to go back to zero on the configuration. But that’s what I’ll do if I have to, unless someone can offer any insight.


Avatar andrew 14 post(s)

I think the quad backslash is an escaped dual backslash — it seems to me that I’ve seen something like that before. That would be unix-style escaping, though, so maybe the issue could be that Windows doesn’t decode that the same way. I’m not sure the error is the path either — the log is telling you the path but not necessarily saying it’s an error. I’m also curious if the DOS 8.3 filenames is the right thing.

Since stacks are self-contained, why not install a fresh stack in a different place and then compare the two? You might find something that way.

Cheers -

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


We will investigate this issue. You can install a second Stack in a different folder with different ports and it does not affect to your previous installation. Thanks for reproting the issue.

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