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Testlink on bitnami trac stack

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Avatar andremendes 15 post(s)

Hello once again,

I’m trying to install testlink to integrate-it with trac, installing it with wamp i just unzip testlink folder to www page inside wamp folder.

But how about in bitnami stack? i’m afraid to do something with and screw up my actual installation.

thanks :)

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


You can uncompress it in your_installation_directory/apache2/htdocs folder but this will overwrite the welcome page. You can also create the same schema that other BitNami apps:

installdir/apps/your_app/htdocs/ <- application files
installdir/apps/your_app/conf/your_app.conf <- apache configuration file
apache2/conf/httpd.conf <- add “Include installdir/apps/your_app/conf/your_app.conf” at the end of the file

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