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upgrade from bitnami trac 0.11 to 0.12

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Avatar mikett 7 post(s)

Hi all,
I have a complete (and working, which is essential) installation of the previous bit nami trac stack (meaning the 0.11 version). I’m wondering how can I smoothly upgrade from one version to the other?
I guess most of the plugins will need to be reinstalled? How about the database – will the tickets migrate from one version to the other without any problems?
I haven’t started any upgrade yet. I’m waiting for the new server machine to come to my place and I’m wondering if I should use newer trac stack or the one that is completely configured and works for me.
Is there any upgrade manual for the bitnami trac stack?


Avatar victoria Administrator 134 post(s) Hi Mike,

As you are going to use a new machine, I think that the best solution in your case would be to install the new version of the BitNami Trac Stack (it includes several improvements) and then migrate the data. I have found this guide for migrating Trac in the Trac documentation

Another option would be just copying your current installation directory in the same location in the new machine and the upgrading only the Trac component following the trac upgrade guide

In both cases before executing the commands specified in the guide you should load the stack environment running the use_trac script if you are using Linux or Mac or using the “Use BitNami Trac Stack” link in the start menu if you are using Windows.

Avatar victoria Administrator 134 post(s)

Hi Mike,

One comment on the second method. If you are using Windows, after you copy the files you will need to install the services (you can use the entry in the Start Menu). In any case, as mentioned, I think that the first method will be better in your case.

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