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What is the path for SVN?

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Avatar amishgeek 2 post(s)

I’ve installed the native Bitnami trac stac.

I’m using the default repository that was created on the install.

I’ve imported my subversion dump from my old repository, and resynced trac. I can browse the repository at http://IPADDRESS:8080/trac/Project/

I’ve searched and tried numerous things, but cannot find the URL to CHECK OUT my code.

I’ve tried svn://IPADDRESS/Project svn://IPADDRESS/trac/Project and numerous combinations:

What is the path?

Avatar amishgeek 2 post(s)

Ok, I just figured it out…

My trac stac is installed on Ubuntu Linux. It’s installed in /home/user/trac-0.12.1-0/

I had to use svn://IPADDRESS/home/user/trac-0.12.1-0/repository

So I created a symlink to /home/user/trac-0.12.1-0/repository at /project (ln -s /home/user/trac-0.12.1-0/repository /project)

I can now access subversion at svn://IPADDRESS/project

This pathing thing needs to be better documented. I’ve seen other posts on this forum asking the same thing I asked but the answer wasn’t given (people wanting to know the URL/Path needed to checkout/commit to the default repository).

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


Correct. You can also set the repository path in the “your_installdir/subversion/scripts/” script, in the SVN_START line:

-r /path/to/repository

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