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will my custom dirs work?

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Avatar doubtintom 4 post(s)

I have a Windows trac stack directory layout set up like this:

C:\trac\repos (for repositories, natch)
C:\trac\projects (for projects, don’t want in personal dirs)
C:\tracstack (Bitnami Track Stack home)

but I noticed that the use_trac.bat script is setting up
USERPROFILE\BitNami Trac Stack projects”

So that is in conflict with my directory layout above. What I would like to ask the devs is whether I can just go ahead and change the use_trac.bat script to point to my C:\trac\projects directory and expect the stack to find everything it needs?

OR do your scripts and other configuration depend on the user profile location plus “BitNami Track Stack projects” folder for projects?

Thank you in advance

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


There is no problem to use a different folder for your projects. We set the default directory to “USERPROFILE\BitNami Trac Stack projects” but you can change it in the use_trac.bat file.

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