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PHPAdmin / MySQL - Version Issue

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Avatar palmercomputer 6 post(s)

After installing the WAMP Stack, when loading MyPHPAdmin it states it is a different version the the MySQL version and that this can cause a problem.

Why is the WAMP stack not in alignment with its’ component version numbers?

Also, when trying to update MyPHPAdmin to the latest version, the non-Bitnami generic install wants to use an entirely different directory install location.

Are there instructions on how to update the WAMP Stack with generic open source versions from the individual project sites?

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


You are right. This is a known issue. We use the official compiled binaries for Windows platforms and PHP does not ship the MySQL 5.1 version yet.

You can update the applications manually, downloading the application code and following the upgrade steps. Other installers are not compatible but you can install in a different folder, independent of BitNami.

Take a look this quick guide to upgrade the Redmine applciation for example:…


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