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Avatar palmercomputer 6 post(s)

What is the proper way to upgrade the WAMP Stack Plus Wordpress?

Can one just safely run the latest installer?

Will the installer leave intact all configuration files and documents or will it overwrite and destroy everything that is already there? (i.e configuration files, modified default document files, data, MySQL database, etc.)

Does it make more sense to go visit the individual projects: Apache, PHP, MySQL, Wordpress and update manually?

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Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


There are two ways to upgrade your installation:

1. If you want to upgrade the application and all Stack components PHP, Ruby, MySQL, Apache… 2. In case you only want to upgrade the application code without modifying any other Stack components, you should follow the guide which is in the application page itself.

You can find more info at

Please post any question or suggestion to improve our documentation. Thanks.

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