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Cannot use IPAddress in NPGSQL

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Avatar vimal 2 post(s)

Hello ,
I have installed WAPPSTACK on windows XP.

Initially it worked only in or localhost. I changed the configuration in postresal.conf and added
It works fine in both now.

But if I use NSGSQL in VB.NET to connect to the postgesql in wappstack i could use only localhost or If I use in the VB.NET it gives error : “Failed to connect to ip addredd”

Can anyone give a suggestion

I want to access postgresql both from php+apache & though across a network of computers (LAN)

Thank you

Avatar vimal 2 post(s)

WOW. I found the answer the myself
Thank you

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


I’m glad to hear this. Could you post the solution for other BitNami users? Thanks!

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