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how to change listen port for postgres?

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Avatar mpugsley 4 post(s)

I have installed WAPP and everything works well, but I am presently unable to configure Postgres (or Apache) to listen to any ip other than I would like to be able to use my network address, but I don’t see the usual configuration file (postgres.conf).

I see httpd.conf for Apache, but (a) I don’t think that would have anything to do with Postgres, even if these are integrated services and (b) httpd.conf says “Listen 80”, which I believe listens to all bound ips addresses. It therefore should be bound to my network address (although my webserver doesn’t seem to be working on anything other than

I see a properties.ini file in the WAPP Stack main directory, but that doesn’t provide any ‘dummy’ ip settings that I could change. If I’m supposed to add an ip setting, I don’t know what it would be the appropriate variable would be named.

All help is much appreciated!

Avatar mpugsley 4 post(s)

I, um, found the file (hides head sheepishly). postgresql.conf is in the data subdirectory of the postgresql directory within the BitName WAPPStack directory. The conf file explains how to set the listen address to whatever you need. It can be a comma separated list if you want several addresses.

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


Yes, the postfresql.conf is in the data folder in postgresql.


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