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How to upgrade WAPPStack?

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Avatar smjg 1 post

Hello, I’m new to the forum. I don’t know if this is really a WAPPStack question or one relating to BitNami products generally, but I’m puzzled that I can’t find an answer anywhere on the site.

I’ve been using WS for a while, and have just downloaded version 1.2. So I try running the installer. It prompts me to select a folder. It defaults to C:\Program Files\BitNami WAPPStack, which I accept.

But then it gives me
“The selected folder is not empty. Please select a different folder”

Of course it isn’t empty, because it’s where my current installation is.

What’s the best way around this? Back up my config files, uninstall and reinstall? Or is there a better way?

Avatar shyokou 8 post(s)

As if BitRock installer builder has a feature for update, but not sure if that is an option for installer …

Avatar shyokou 8 post(s)

Here is an alternative way to deal with core upgrade by means of un- and (re-)installation procedure that I used before (as if the bundled wamp style distros share this common issue), if you have separated your own code tree from the core one, given that only apache the interface to your clients. Backup all config files within the core tree (trivial if you have tagged what you modified), dump all customized tables from the associate databases (trivial if you know how), but tar your own code tree only if you are serious. Now (re-)install the new core after un-install the previous one, then restore the essential config files to the core tree, import the essential tables to the database, and check for any problem from this upgrade. At least, it works for a minor version upgrade, but might requre special cares for any major one …

Hope you see it ;-)

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


BitRock installers support upgrades but we can not implemented for BitNami Stacks. Thanks for posting your upgrade method, it is useful for other users. We explain how to update the application and the full stack at…

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