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php wapp woes

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i installed the wapp stack, but i could not figure out how the server can serve .php files

usually one would put php files in www folder , then i realised i need to put them in htdocs folder

but still i could not see the results of a php file served by the browser

not even echo statement is working …

ppl pls help me out …

thanks in advance

Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


Probably you are using a diferent folder. All BitNami Stacks are self-contained so you only have to work in your installation directory. The main directory to publish your php code is /apache2/htdocs, where is the main BitNami welcome screen.


Avatar gt 2 post(s)

i did publish my code in apache2/htdocs folder but still php scripts are not being served by the server…. i ran pear and gopear batch files as well…

and i did see the changes made in the configuration file of the apache to recognise php.ini and the dll for php..

i dont know why this is not running …

any help will be of great use to me …

thanks in advance ……..

Avatar kourtesy 2 post(s)

I think I was having similar problems. I don’t know if the changes that running pear and gopear made to the configuration file will make any difference for you, but this is how I can now test my php file on my local machine. Put the php file that you want to test in the appache2 htdocs folder. Then, click Start/All Programs/BitNami WAPPStack/launch BitNami WAPPStack. This should bring you to a page that is something like http://yourmachinename. Then, just type the name of the file that you want to test from your htdocs folder and hit enter (ex. http://yourmachinename/test.php). I hope this helps you. On a different note, please visit my blog

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same problem here, but i sorted out why php code wasn’t working…

I used to run easyphp (Apache and php4) and to start php code with the <?
I don’t know why I try the <?php instead, but now it’s working

probably something has changed in Apache2 and/or php5 that I didn’t kown

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