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WAPPStack 1.2-0 installation failed on XP ...

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Avatar shyokou 8 post(s)

I downloaded the offical WAPPStack 1.2-0 installer […] and did check its md5sum as bf4476e4cdf65e6cfe530cfdf336b0bd, but it failed on XP with something similar to […] … I tried again and again on various boxes, got no better ;-(

I looked into the log, found something like `Executing C:\Program Files\BitNami WAPPStack/postgresql/bin/runinitdb.bat`, `Executing C:\Program Files\BitNami WAPPStack/postgresql/bin/registerservice.bat`, and `Executing cmd /C start /MIN net start wappstackPostgreSQL` before `Executing C:\Program Files\BitNami WAPPStack/postgresql/bin/psql.exe -U postgres -p 5432 -h localhost -c “ALTER USER postgres PASSWORD ‘xxxx’”`, but an immediate search popped neither “postgresql/bin/runinitdb.bat” nor “postgresql/bin/registerservice.bat”, only “postgresql/scripts/serviceinstall.bat” and “postgresql/scripts/servicerun.bat” avail …

Wonder if there is a way to explorer the package to make sure the essential files existing; or no way but wait for re-packing ???

Thanks …

Avatar victoria Administrator 134 post(s)


The script runintdb.bat just run initdb with the appropiate options for the BitNami stack:

start /MIN cmd /c “\postgres\bin\initdb.exe -U postgres -E UTF8 -D /postgres/data”

The registerservice.bat register the posgres service:

start /MIN cmd /c “\postgres\bin\pg_ctl.exe register -N wappstackPostgreSQL -D /postgres/data”
cmd /c start /min net start wappstackPostgreSQL

These are just temporary scripts that are deleted after executed.

Could you check if the wappstackPostgreSQL have been created and if it starts correctly?

We plan to release a new version that will have PostgreSQL logs enabled by default. This should help us to track this kind of issues.

Looking forward to your feedback.

Avatar shyokou 8 post(s)

I am afraid NOT … as if neither “postgresql/bin/runinitdb.bat” nor “postgresql/bin/registerservice.bat” got executed, that might be why “postgresql/bin/psql.exe” failed to connect … Thank you for such details, I should have made it work were I such lucky before ;-)

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