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Synchronizing multiple Wordpress sites

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Avatar joeyjoejoe1970 19 post(s)


Is it possible to synchronize the contents of /opt/bitnami between three Wordpress installations that have the same URL?

For example I have three contingency websites set up at my company that contain disaster recovery information. Each has the same URL

DNS will round-robin resolution of and I want the user to, when he gets to one of the three servers, to have consistent information.

Any ideas in this direction would be a huge help.


Avatar Beltrán Rueda Administrator 3,714 post(s)


You can try several options.

1. You can create a tarball of the /opt/bitnami folder and restore in any machine. You can find more info at

2. You can sync files with rsync. Stop the servers and sync the “mysql/data” and “apps/wordpress” files with rsync tool.

3. You can configure a database as a master and the other mysql databases as replications.

I hope it helps.

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