Run Liferay in the Cloud

Launch Liferay and your other favorite open source applications to the cloud in one click.

Thank you for requesting an evaluation license key for Liferay Enterprise. You should receive your key via email shortly. Once your key arrives, sign in to Bitnami Cloud Hosting.

To launch your Liferay Enterprise Edition server in the cloud:

  • 1) Once you are logged in to Bitnami Cloud credentials and have added your cloud credentials, click on the ‘Create server’ button, as shown below.Create Server
  • 2) Click on the ‘Add New Application’ and select Liferay Enterprise Edition from the list of available applications as shown in the image below. Then click ‘Ok’.Add New Application
  • 3) Click on the Liferay icon that appears in the orange ‘Apps’ section and paste your license key in the box provided, as shown below.Liferay license key entry thumb
  • 4) After adding Liferay to your server, click through the other buttons on the create server screen to customize the server size, operating system, disk space, location, administrative settings (usernames, passwords, etc) and more. When you are finished configuring your server, click on the ‘Build and Launch’ button. You will then be taken to the server management screen, shown below. Once your server has been launched, click on the ‘Go to Application’ button to access the application, or click on the ‘Manage Server’ screen to manage your server.Running Server
  • 5) On the manage server screen, shown below, you can create and schedule backups, schedule your server to turn on and off at certain times, view monitoring data, manage your firewall rules and more. Click on the appropriate tab to view available actions.Manage Server

To learn more, download our free whitepaper on Running Liferay in the Cloud with Bitnami. You may also want to visit the Bitnami Liferay documentation page.