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May 02, 2018

Bitnami Launches Kubeapps 1.0 to Advance Kubernetes Application Services

Production Ready Kubernetes Application Console integrates Open Service Broker, Kubeless serverless functions and JFrog Kubernetes Registry

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - May 02, 2018 — Bitnami today announced the availability of Kubeapps 1.0 to continuesimplification of deploying and managing Kubernetes-ready applications and serverless functions. New features for Kubernetes operators include integration with the Open Service Broker API, fully embedded Kubernetes-native serverless environment, advanced Helm chart support (such as upgrade), JFrog Artifactory integration and a secure authentication and authorization mechanism compatible with Kubernetes.

Kubeapps 1.0 builds on Bitnami’s work in creating and contributing to popular Kubernetes projects like Helm, Monocular and Kubeless, and leverages expertise in application packaging and containers to provide a simple, secure and comprehensive way to deploy applications to a Kubernetes environment. New users and Kubernetes experts will find value in the Kubeapps product design which provides a simple CLI for installation, a web UI for in-cluster application launch and management and a web portal for additional community contribution and social interaction including the ability to rate, review and share applications.

“Our goal is to make Kubeapps the de-facto standard for discovering and launching applications on Kubernetes.”, said Sebastien Goasguen, Sr Director of Cloud Technologies at Bitnami. “With this new version, Kubeapps is truly package agnostic providing a common experience for launching anything from Helm charts to serverless functions as well as service instances coming from a Public Cloud Service Broker.”

Kubeapps 1.0 New Features

Service Broker Integration

  • API integration to easily apply managed services to applications

Kubeless UI FaaS Integration

  • Easily browse, create and run functions in your cluster

Advanced Helm support

  • Live upgrade / downgrade of Helm charts
  • Easily modify values and re-deploy an existing chart

Authn/Authz support

  • Secure authentication and authorization

JFrog Artifactory Integration

  • Package agnostic registry for Kubernetes artifacts

Microsoft quote

“We are delighted to see the release of Kubeapps 1.0 which contains a powerful integration with the Open Service Broker (OSB) API and the Kubernetes service catalog. Collaborating with the Bitnami team to bring support for the OSB in Kubeapps provides users straightforward access to Azure services by leveraging Kubernetes primitives to couple custom apps and Cloud services. We look forward to building on our relationship and bringing additional features to Kubeapps.” said Rita Zhang, Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft

JFrog quote

“Thousands of developers are deploying and managing containerized applications on Kubernetes every day.” says Kit Merker, VP of Business Development at JFrog. “We are seeing developers manage all the artifacts that make up a containerized app including Kubernetes Helm packages and docker containers. Bitnami KubeApps together with JFrog Artifactory’s Helm repository provides a single platform that enables development at a rapid pace.” - Kit Merker, VP of Business Development @ JFrog

See Kubeapps at Kubecon

Bitnami will be exhibiting, speaking and demonstrating Kubeapps at Kubecon in Copenhagen — May 2-4, 2018

Visit us to see live demonstrations of JFrog Artifactory and Kubeapps working together

Download and Try Kubeapps for Free

Kubeapps is open source and free to use. For more information and to download or contribute to Kubeapps please visit or follow the project at

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