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May 02, 2018

Kubeless 1.0 Delivers on Production Ready Kubernetes Native Serverless Solution

Kubernetes-Native FaaS advances on-premises serverless with new language support, event triggers and integrations

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - May 02, 2018 — Bitnami today announced the availability of Kubeless 1.0 to accelerate adoption of serverless functions in Kubernetes. Advancements in event trigger support (, supported runtimes (Golang), new functions interface with support for CloudEvents Spec, and integration with Sysdig Falco are aimed at simplifying the building of distributed applications in Kubernetes.

Kubeless is a clone of AWS Lambda designed to provide an on-premises FaaS solution. It represents an evolution of PaaS which can now be built on top of Kubernetes. Kubeless abstracts containers and the Kubernetes API to provide a simple deployment mechanism for small pieces of code representing key business logic of a distributed application. It removes the complexities involved with building containers and using the Kubernetes API, it provides developers with a direct route to deploying their code. In addition, it allows the binding of cloud events to functions which is the core of composing cloud services together and making a cloud-native application.

Key Kubeless 1.0 Features Include:

  • Golang and Java support
  • New event triggers using Kafka and CNCF
  • CloudEvents v0.1.0 (formerly OpenEvents) specification support
  • Sysdig Falco integration for security and monitoring
  • Integrated runtime build pipeline

Bitnami quote

“As a leader in application packaging and deployment, Bitnami sees the evolution of serverless as a new paradigm for building distributed applications. As Kubernetes usage accelerates and developers continue to look to building cloud-native applications, it is important that they have the necessary tools to support that transition.” - said Daniel Lopez, CEO at Bitnami “We’re thrilled with the adoption and contributions the project has been getting to date from large enterprises and our cloud provider partners and we believe that Kubeless fills a unique need in providing an on-premises, Kubernetes-native serverless solution that can simplify the building of next generation of business applications.”

Sysdig quote

“Kubeless allows Kubernetes admins and SRE teams to rapidly develop and deploy functions that can act on events in their Kubernetes clusters or applications. Coupled with Sysdig Falco, Kubeless gives these teams the ability to automatically take action on security events, and moves security incident response from a reactive state, to an active state. We are excited to be working with Bitnami and the Kubeless project to add visibility and enforce security policies across containers & microservices.” said Michael Ducy, Director of Community & Evangelism, Sysdig

Blackrock quote:

“BlackRock leverages serverless functions powered by Kubeless to provide scalable metadata enrichment for data discovery, and data retrieval. Kubeless helps free our developers from worrying about deployment and orchestration, enabling our developers to move faster safely” said Michael Francis, Managing Director, Aladdin Product Group, BlackRock.

See Kubeless at Kubecon

Bitnami will be exhibiting and speaking about Kubeless at Kubecon in Copenhagen - May 2-4, 2018

Learn more in this session: Securing Serverless Functions via Kubernetes Objects

Or visit the Bitnami booth for live demonstrations with SAP and Sysdig

Download and Try Kubeless for Free

Kubeless is open source and free to use. For more information and to download or contribute to Kubeless please visit or follow the project at

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