Bitnami + IBM

Launch Bitnami Helm Charts on IBM

Bitnami has partnered with IBM to ensure that all of its most up-to-date and secure open source applications can easily be launched to the IBM Cloud. The Bitnami team works closely with IBM to continuously improve how its applications work with IBM services such as Helm charts ready to be deployed on the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service (IKS).

IBM  Partner

Bitnami Helm Charts for IBM

Bitnami Helm charts are ready to run on Kubernetes. Deploying Bitnami applications as Helm Charts is the easiest way to get started with our applications on your IBM Cloud Kubernetes cluster. Bitnami ensures that its Helm charts are always secure, up-to-date, and packaged using industry best practices. Bitnami is able to do this due to the monitoring and packaging automation that we have built throughout the years. When any vulnerability or updates arise for the application, we publish new container images and updated version tags for you to use.