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Bitnami Applications for IBM Cloud

Bitnami has partnered with IBM to ensure that all of its most up-to-date and secure open source applications can easily be launched to the IBM Cloud. The Bitnami team works closely with IBM to continuously improve how its applications work with IBM services such as Helm charts ready to be deployed on the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service (IKS).

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Secure, Trusted Open Source Solutions for the Enterprise on IBM Cloud

Project Galleon offers the Bitnami catalog experience developers love, while enabling the governance operations teams require. This helps development teams build applications faster and more reliably, and help ops teams ensure enterprise policies and security requirements are always implemented.

Project Galleon offers this through a trusted, continuously maintained catalog of open source infrastructure contents and applications designed to be customized with each enterprise’s operational and security best practices, and be deployed to IBM Cloud or IKS.

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Bitnami Applications for the IBM Cloud

Now you can use Bitnami applications to run the most up to date and secure open source content on your IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service cluster.

Use the IBM Cloud Catalog to deploy Bitnami’s Kubernetes-ready applications into your cluster with a single click. Follow the step-by-step instructions in the link below!

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