Bitnami Software and Integrator Partners

Leave the Packaging to Us

In addition to famous open source catalog, Bitnami also offers products and services for Systems Integrators, MSPs and ISVs to assist their customers as they increasingly move towards cloud native models employing DevOps philosophies and practices.

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Software Partners

For ISVs, Bitnami handles the specialist and resource-intensive tasks associated with packaging and publishing applications for the leading public cloud platforms.

Optimize Your Application

Optimize your applications for each of the leading cloud platforms, publish them to be available off-the-shelf in the CSP marketplaces, and provide an ongoing service for new releases and security updates.

Provide Production-grade Quality

Produce a production-grade version of your application – either for the cloud marketplaces or to be delivered directly to trusted repositories or catalogs.

Deliver Consistency

Deliver a consistent golden image that is packaged for all the major cloud providers and Kubernetes, leveraging Docker containers and Helm charts.

Systems Integrators and Resellers

For Systems Integrators and Resellers, Bitnami can help you customize, optimize, configure, harden and maintain applications.

Customize Your Applications

Deliver customized applications optimized for cloud native platforms – complete with your Dev, Sec and Ops policies - to your trusted repo or catalog, and maintain these as-a-service.

Integrate with Existing Tools

Bitnami tools, such as Stacksmith, seamlessly integrate with other build and deploy technologies that are already used in your or your clients’ DevSecOps pipeline.

Ease the Transition to Kubernetes

Enable a migration path to deploy applications in a high-availability Kubernetes production cluster with our open source tools (Kubeapps and BKPR) and deep Kubernetes expertise.