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ClockingIT is am application for tracking all your tasks, issues, projects and time spent, with a focus on software development and handling large amounts of tasks.

It was created to fill a gap that presented itself while working full time as a consultant. Managing several projects across multiple clients, all wanting reports on progress, and remembering what to do, for who, became a chore. Thus, ClockingIT was born after 6 days of intense learn-as-you-go Ruby on Rails. It has since received quite a few make-overs and rewrites, but the basic idea and vision remains the same. After giving up on consulting, we kept on programming as Ruby on Rails is a fun platform, and ClockingIT had turned into a usable application others might want to use as well.

Categories: Project Management, Planning
Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Phusion Passenger, Ruby, Apache
Licenses: MIT

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