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While there are a number of technical reasons that highlight the differences and advantages Habari has over other blogging packages, a major component of what makes Habari different is its community participation model. Users who demonstrate a level of quality contributions to the project are granted more privileges within the project.


  • Modular, object-oriented core for easy extensibility
  • Supports multiple database backends (MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL)
  • Uses prepared statements throughout to protect against SQL injection attacks
  • Media silos to directly access various ways of media storage, like Flickr, Viddler, or the server’s filesystem
  • Atom Publishing Protocol support
  • Multiple users (authors)
  • Multiple sites on one installation
  • Support for static content (“pages”)
  • Plugins
  • Tagging
  • Importers for Serendipity and WordPress

  • Categories: Blog
    Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, lighttpd, MySQL, nginx, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Apache
    Licenses: Apache

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