Bitnami Stacksmith

Migrate your Applications to the Cloud

Simplify the Migration of your Java or Node.js apps to AWS or Kubernetes

Bitnami Stacksmith is the simplest and most comprehensive way to migrate your internal Java and Node.js applications to the cloud.

Do More than Lift & Shift, Move & Improve

The market is loaded with basic tools that can package software as virtual machines or containers. While this may enable you to 'lift & shift' your applications out of your data center to a cloud platform, this approach doesn't deliver any of the true benefits of the cloud platform. Replatforming your applications with Stacksmith not only simplifies the process with an automated self-service SaaS tool, it optimizes your applications to deliver the scalability, automation and agility you are looking for.

Download our whitepaper and watch the video to learn how Stacksmith:

  • Simplifies your journey to the cloud
  • Replatforms applications to optimize for cloud scale and automation
  • Supports multiple cloud platforms - AWS & Kubernetes
  • Continually maintains migrated applications
  • Provides complete visibility into applications and components
  • Access and use first-party cloud services such as database services and autoscaling
  • No tool lock in

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Stacksmith Workflow

Stacksmith workflow