Bitnami Stacksmith

#1 in Application Packaging and Automated Maintenance

Stacksmith Accelerates Your Journey to Multiple Clouds


Configuration is the first step in the Stacksmith process. You provide your application code and scripts, select a few parameters, and hit Create.

Form to create a new application pipeline in Stacksmith


Stacksmith automates the packaging process, optimizes the application for the platform you chose, and generates everything you need to deploy – the VM or container image, as well as a fully-formed yet editable deployment template.

Stacksmith view of a successfully build application


Stacksmith continuously monitors the components that make up your package for updates and vulnerabilities. It alerts you when security, system package, or script updates are available, and provides a simple way to repackage your applications to ensure they remain up-to-date and secure.

List of installed packages and their newer versions in Stacksmith

Supported platforms

Amazon Web Services (AWS) logo Microsoft Azure logo

VM platforms

Cloud formation and Azure Resource Manager templates

Amazon Web Services (AWS) logo Microsoft Azure logo

Container build platforms

Containers for Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure

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Helm charts ready to deploy on any Kubernetes certified cluster