Stacksmith and AWS Service Catalog

An Integrated Solution for Your Service Catalog

Stacksmith and AWS Service Catalog

An integrated solution for creating, managing and maintaining applications in your service catalog.

Integrated with AWS Service Catalog

Stacksmith is integrated with AWS’ Service Catalog to deliver secure packaging and over-time maintenance of assets that are then managed and posted for consumption in the AWS Service Catalog. Stacksmith’s Cloud Formation Templates and Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), which are published into the AWS Service Catalog, can be deployed using the options and input parameters defined by IT within AWS Service Catalog.

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Ensure Trust in the DevSecOps Handoff

Stacksmith enables organizations to build and maintain AWS infrastructure and applications that reflect the organization’s security and configuration policies. Developers can focus on developing and maintaining software, while operations can focus on enforcing security and improving application deployment and management through orchestration and automation.

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Maintain Your Artifacts Continuously

Stacksmith automates the packaging process, optimizes the application for the target platforms you chose, and generates everything you need to deploy – the VM or container image, required PaaS integrations, and the cloud-native deployment template to get it running.

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Manage and Maintain AWS Assets in a Cloud Service Catalog

Watch this webinar to learn how to use Stacksmith to package and maintain trusted assets and publish them directly to the AWS Service Catalog, where they can be easily shared and deployed according to your organization’s policies.

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Stacksmith and AWS Service Catalog Use Case Data Sheet

Download this document for an overview of how to create, manage, and maintain your applications in a service catalog with Stacksmith and the AWS Service Catalog.

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Ensuring the creation and delivery of trusted, up-to-date assets to your service catalog

Download this use case white paper to learn how to create a secure, end-to-end solution by using a policy-driven packaging process to create trusted artifacts for your service catalog.