What is Bitnami Stacksmith?

Bitnami Stacksmith is the simplest and most comprehensive way to move your company's existing applications to the cloud. Bitnami is bringing the tooling and expertise we built up in delivering millions of application deployments of Open Source solutions and making it available for the applications your company relies on. Bitnami Stacksmith makes it simple to:

Stacksmith pipeline
  • Package your existing server application and all its dependencies with a few clicks, using your existing deployment process and scripts.
  • Deploy that application to one or more cloud platforms, as virtual machines, Docker images, or both.
  • Keep your application - and all it's dependencies - up-to-date as improvements or security fixes are made.
Stacksmith pipeline2

We're planning to make Bitnami Stacksmith available in early 2018. We're currently looking for companies interested in using the under-development version of Stacksmith with their own applications. Interested? You are an ideal candidate for our EAP program if:

  • You have one or more server applications you'd like to move from your datacenter to a public cloud.
  • At least one of those applications is using Java on Linux.
  • You're willing to share the application files (not the source code) and configuration scripts with Bitnami.
  • You have some experience with one of the major public cloud platforms, e.g. Amazon AWS.
  • You can provide a technical contact for questions or feedback on your application.

Fit the profile? We'd love to get you onboarded. To get started complete the questionnaire. Got questions? Email us at enterprise@bitnami.com.