SugarCRM + Bitnami Cloud Hosting =
A Sweet Solution for CRM in the Cloud

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  • Deploy SugarCRM to the Amazon Cloud in minutes.
  • Get automatic backups and one-click server restores.
  • Save customizations as templates to launch new servers.
  • Manage servers for multiple clients from one dashboard.
  • Run Sugar Professional, Enterprise or Community Edition.
  • Resize servers with one click as requirements change.
  • Deploy SugarCRM with other applications in the Bitnami library.
  • Generate recurring revenue by providing hosting for your clients.

The Bitnami Cloud Hosting dashboard provides an at-a-glance overview of your running servers, latest backups, and the estimated cost of running your cloud accounts on an hourly and monthly basis.

Automated backups can be scheduled hourly, daily or weekly. Server scheduling allows you to automatically turn servers on and off, so you only pay for servers when they are in use.

SugarCRM has partnered with Bitnami to offer SugarCRM Professional, Enterprise and Community Editions on the Bitnami Cloud Hosting platform, which simplifies the process of deploying and managing applications on the Amazon Cloud. In just a few clicks, you can have a completely configured instance of SugarCRM up and running, automatically backed up and monitored - no 'cloud' knowledge required!

Bitnami Cloud Hosting has been developed with the needs of consultants, solution providers and system integrators in mind. You can easily deploy and manage SugarCRM deployments for your customers, providing you with a recurring revenue stream. Automated backups and built-in monitoring give you peace of mind. One-click server resizing and scheduling means your servers scale up or down as needed, providing value-add to your clients while minimizing costs.

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