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GlassFish is the reference implementation of Java EE and as such supports Enterprise JavaBeans, JPA, JavaServer Faces, JMS, RMI, JavaServer Pages, servlets, etc. more

Categories: Application Server, Developer Tools
Technologies: Java
Licenses: CDDL, GPL

Glassfish proxy


imeji creates citable research assets by describing, enriching, sharing, exposing, linking and archiving data. more

Categories: Document Management
Technologies: Apache, Java, Tomcat
Licenses: CDDL

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Nuxeo ECM   

Nuxeo is a Java-based open source framework for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) applications. more

Categories: ECM
Technologies: Java
Licenses: LGPL, CDDL, MIT

Web courrier 3


OpenAM provides access management solution that includes Authentication, SSO, Authorization, Federation, Entitlements, Adaptive Authentication, Strong Authentication, and Web Services Security, in a single, unified prod. more

Categories: Project Management
Technologies: Apache Tomcat, Java
Licenses: CDDL

Openam console


OpenGrok is a source code search and cross reference engine. It helps programmers to search, cross-reference and navigate source code trees. more

Categories: Code Review
Technologies: Apache, Java, Tomcat
Licenses: CDDL

Opengrok methodnav


OpenIDM is an open standards based identity management solution. In addition to being open source, OpenIDM offers high flexibility in business process handling and compliance. more

Categories: Project Management
Technologies: Java, Tomcat, Apache Felix
Licenses: CDDL

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