Products in Java

Mura CMS   

MuraCMS is a free open source Content Management System (CMS) that creates advanced websites. It includes many pre-built objects and features, responsive and mobile-ready design, and standards-based HTML/CSS templating. more

Categories: CMS
Technologies: Apache Tomcat, Java, MySQL
Licenses: GPL2



Neo4j is a highly scalable, robust (fully ACID) native graph database. Neo4j is used in mission-critical apps by thousands of leading startups, enterprises, and governments around the world. more

Categories: Database
Technologies: Java
Licenses: GPL3

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Nexus is a repository manager. It allows you to proxy, collect, and manage your dependencies so that you are not constantly juggling a collection of JARs. It makes it easy to distribute your software. more

Categories: Binary Repository
Technologies: Apache Tomcat, Java, MySQL, Apache
Licenses: EPL

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Nuxeo ECM   

Nuxeo is a Java-based open source framework for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) applications. more

Categories: ECM
Technologies: Java
Licenses: LGPL, CDDL, MIT

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Apache OFBiz (The Apache Open For Business Project) is an open source enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. more

Categories: ERP
Technologies: Apache, Java
Licenses: Apache2

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Ohioedge CRM is a cross-functional customer relationship/business process management software designed for $15-200M companies requiring company-wide coordination of sales generation and fulfillment activities. more

Categories: CRM
Technologies: Java
Licenses: MPL11



OLAT (Online Learning And Training) is a web-based Learning Management System. OLAT offers a flexible online course system along with extensive features to guarantee learning and teaching independent of time and place. more

Categories: CMS, eLearning
Technologies: Java, MySQL, ActiveMQ, Openfire, Tomcat
Licenses: Apache2

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Open for Business (OFBiz) is an enterprize automation software suite built on a common architecture using common data, logic and process components. more

Categories: CRM, e-Commerce, Other Category, ERP
Technologies: Java, JavaScript
Licenses: Apache


Open-Xchange Server is a collaboration and integration application allowing users to share email, calendar, contacts, tasks and documents. more

Categories: Collaboration, Email
Technologies: Java, MySQL, Apache
Licenses: GPL, Creative Commons



OpenAM provides access management solution that includes Authentication, SSO, Authorization, Federation, Entitlements, Adaptive Authentication, Strong Authentication, and Web Services Security, in a single, unified prod. more

Categories: Project Management
Technologies: Apache Tomcat, Java
Licenses: CDDL

Openam console


Openbravo is an enterprise management (ERP) system designed for small to medium-sized businesses. more

Categories: Business Intelligence, CRM, ERP
Technologies: Java, JavaScript, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Tomcat, JBoss Hibernate, JasperReports, Apache
Licenses: MIT



OpenCMS is a content management system which stores all content in an XML file. more

Categories: CMS
Technologies: Java, MySQL, Apache
Licenses: LGPL

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openCRX is a professional CRM solution (customer relationship management). It is multi-entity enabled and scalable, featuring activity management and bug tracking functionality. more

Categories: CRM
Technologies: Java, MySQL, Tomcat
Licenses: BSD



OpenEMM is the first open source email marketing system. It can be used to deploy professional e-mail newsletters and conduct e-mail marketing and it allows users to send both event and time triggered e-mails. more

Categories: CRM, Email
Technologies: Java, MySQL, Tomcat
Licenses: CPAL



OpenGrok is a source code search and cross reference engine. It helps programmers to search, cross-reference and navigate source code trees. more

Categories: Code Review
Technologies: Apache, Java, Tomcat
Licenses: CDDL

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OpenI is a web-based OLAP reporting application. OpenI is an out-of-box solution for building and publishing reports from XMLA-compliant OLAP data sources such as Mondrian Microsoft Analysis Services or Mondrian. more

Categories: Business Intelligence
Technologies: Java, JDBC, MySQL, Tomcat, JBoss, Pentaho BI Server 3.9, Jasper, Mondrian, Microsoft SSAS 2005, MSAS 2000
Licenses: GPL2



OpenIDM is an open standards based identity management solution. In addition to being open source, OpenIDM offers high flexibility in business process handling and compliance. more

Categories: Project Management
Technologies: Java, Tomcat, Apache Felix
Licenses: CDDL

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OpenKM is focused on creating a Open Source Electronic Document Management System, that due to its characteristics can be used by big companies as well as by the small ones, as a useful tool in processing knowledge mana. more

Categories: Media sharing
Technologies: Java, MySQL, Tomcat
Licenses: GPL2



openMAINT is an open source solution for the Property & Facility Management. It is an application for the management of buildings, installations, movable assets and related maintaining activities. more

Categories: Collaboration, Project Management
Technologies: Java, PostgreSQL, Tomcat
Licenses: AGPL

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OpenMEAP is the first open source HTML5 mobile application platform that enables businesses and consumers with no programming experience to easily create, manage and deploy mobile applications that are automatically opt. more

Categories: Mobile Development
Technologies: Ant, Apache Tomcat, Java
Licenses: LGPL3


Openmeetings provides video conferencing, instant messaging, white board, collaborative document editing and other groupware tools using API functions of the Red5 Streaming Server for Remoting and Streaming. more

Categories: Communication Suite, eLearning, Other Category, Photo Sharing, Video Sharing
Technologies: Java, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Tomcat, IBM DB2, Oracle, FFMpeg, SoX, SWFTools, JODConverter, OpenOffice, Apache
Licenses: Apache2

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Technologies: Java, PostgreSQL
Licenses: AGPL

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OpenOLAT is a web-based e-learning platform for teaching, learning, assessment and communication, an LMS, a learning management system. more

Categories: eLearning
Technologies: Tomcat, Java, PostgreSQL
Licenses: Apache 2.0

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An open source tool to manage projects and programs. more

Categories: Project Management
Technologies: Java, MySQL, Tomcat
Licenses: GPL3

Earn value management


OpenTSDB is a distributed, scalable Time Series Database (TSDB) written on top of HBase. more

Categories: Database
Technologies: Java, HBase, GnuPlot
Licenses: LGPL

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OpenWMS is a modularized Warehouse Management System split into a core project, a TMS module and a WMS module running in an OSGi environment to assure high availability and maintainability. more

Categories: BPM, ERP
Technologies: Apache, Java, Tomcat
Licenses: GPL2

Stmod user management


Opina is a web management tool for poll management. The application is designed so any user is able to create questionnaires, publish them to obtain responses and process results. more

Categories: Poll Management
Technologies: Java, MySQL, Tomcat, JDBC
Licenses: GPL

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OrientDB is an Open Source NoSQL DBMS with the features of both Document and Graph DBMSs. It's written in Java. Supports schema-less, schema-full and schema-mixed modes. more

Technologies: Java
Licenses: Apache2



The Pentaho BI Project provides enterprise-class reporting, analysis, dashboard, data mining and workflow capabilities that help organizations operate more efficiently and effectively. more

Categories: Business Intelligence
Technologies: HSQLDB, Java, JBoss, MySQL, Tomcat
Licenses: GPL, Apache, BSD, Other License, EPL



pocOLAP is a web-based, crosstab reporting tool that looks like a standard spreadsheet. Users can determine which cells to display across the top and side of the data warehouse. more

Categories: OLAP
Technologies: Java
Licenses: LGPL