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GitLab CE    Bitnami stack

GitLab CE is an open source, cloud-based Git repository and version control system. Its built-in CI/CD integrates with existing processes and helps teams deliver high-quality code. more

Categories: Version Control, Developer Tools, Code Review
Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Git, Redis, PostgreSQL, nginx
Licenses: MIT

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Mattermost empowers organizations through secure, modern communication: open source team messaging and file sharing across web, mobile and PC, archiving, search and unlimited third-party integrations. more

Categories: Chat, Collaboration, Developer Tools
Technologies: MySQL, nginx
Licenses: MIT

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Nginx    Bitnami stack

Nginx is a popular web server that can also be used as a reverse proxy, load balancer, and http cache. more

Categories: Infrastructure
Technologies: MySQL, nginx, PHP, Varnish, phpMyAdmin

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Ruby    Bitnami stack

Ruby on Rails is a full-stack development environment optimized for programmer happiness and sustainable productivity. It lets you write beautiful code by favoring convention over configuration. more

Categories: Infrastructure
Technologies: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Subversion, SQLite, RVM, nginx, Varnish, Phusion Passenger, Apache

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WordPress with NGINX and SSL combines the most popular blogging application with the power of the NGINX web server. It also simplifies the configuration of Let's Encrypt certificates to secure it. more

Categories: Blog, CMS
Technologies: MySQL, PHP, Varnish, nginx
Licenses: GPL

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WordPress with NGINX combines the most popular blogging application with the power of the NGINX web server. more

Categories: Blog, CMS
Technologies: nginx, PHP, MariaDB
Licenses: GPL2

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