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Now that we've recently integrated our development containers with Codenvy's hosted version of the Eclipse Che IDE, Bitnami Development Containers are one of the fastest and easiest ways to develop and deploy an application in the cloud. Bitnami currently offers development containers for many popular frameworks, including Express, Laravel, Rails, Symfony and Swift.

This Eclipse Che integration makes Bitnami's Development Containers even easier for developers to access and use their favorite frameworks in the cloud. Now, with just a few clicks, Bitnami's free-to-use and up-to-date development containers can be run on any computer that runs a Web browser.

Register today for a demo and live Q&A to learn more about:

  • Bitnami's new integration with Codenvy's Eclipse Che IDE, featuring our Express, Laravel, Rails, Symfony, and Swift development containers.
  • How Eclipse Che's containerized workspaces let developers bootstrap and collaborate on projects without having to install software.
  • The portability and lightweight appeal of Eclipse Che's workspace.
  • The development framework that may be best for quickly developing your next application.

About the Hosts

David Dennis

David Dennis

David is the Vice President of Marketing for Bitnami, based in San Francisco, California.

Brad Micklea

Brad Micklea

Brad is the Vice President of Product for Codenvy, and is based in Toronto, Canada.

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