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Application developers are well-advised to not only think about their actual programming, related time-saving tools and deployment schemes, but also about the specific needs of application operations - in particular with regards to data privacy requirements when dealing with clients in Europe and their customer data which are processed in applications. That's where the Open Telekom Cloud kicks in. As the the "new kid on the block", Open Telekom Cloud's public cloud offering features Bitnami's vast range of open source applications.

Join Bitnami as we host our featured speaker, Max Guhl, from Deutsche Telekom. He will showcase the Open Telekom Cloud's intuitive user interface and how this Public Cloud does not only smoothly integrate Bitnami's application catalog, but also provides answers on how to comply with the upcoming European General Data Protection Regulation already today

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  • What the Open Telekom Cloud is
  • How to launch and manage DevOps tools and instances on Open Telekom Cloud
  • Actions to keep the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in mind
  • The benefits of using Bitnami with Open Telekom Cloud

About the Hosts

Mavian Ruiz

Mavian Ruiz / Bitnami

Mavian is the Partner Marketing Manager for Bitnami, based in San Francisco, CA

Max Guhl

Max Guhl / Open Telekom Cloud

Max Guhl is the Product Manager for Open Telekom Cloud based in Magdeburg, Germany