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Our upcoming webinar features DreamFactory, a REST API Middleware Platform for mobile, web, and IoT development. DreamFactory instantly turns your Oracle database into a comprehensive palette of REST APIs that developers can use to quickly build applications. We will be showcasing the features of DreamFactory's Oracle integration with a hands-on demo that covers Oracle database connectivity, key features of the Oracle REST API, event scripting, and role-based access control on API endpoints.

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  • How DreamFactory decouples front-end and back-end development to reduce project costs.
  • How to use DreamFactory to connect to your on-premises Oracle database or Oracle DBaaS in the cloud and instantly generate a comprehensive REST API.
  • The power and ease of DreamFactory's Oracle REST API to interact with Oracle data, schema, stored procedures, functions, and multi-database queries.

About the Hosts

David Dennis

David Dennis

David is the Vice President of Marketing for Bitnami, based in San Francisco, California.

Brad Micklea

Ben Busse

Ben is the Vice President of Product Management for DreamFactory, based in Campbell, California.

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