Managing Production Deployments on Kubernetes with GitLab and Bitnami

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Why You Should Watch

As Kubernetes grows to be the market leader for container orchestration, Bitnami finds more motivation to make it easier for our users to deploy their favorite open source applications on Kubernetes in production.

In this webinar, Bitnami and GitLab will demystify the complexities of launching containers by demonstrating a few tools to make the usage of containers in production more accessible. We will be showcasing how Helm streamlines the deployment of containers, the simplicity of searching for trusted Helm charts with Monocular can be, and how going serverless on Kubernetes with Kubeless can minimize the time spent on configuring and maintaining your Kubernetes clusters.

Jason Plum, Senior Build Engineer from GitLab, will also be able to dive deep into the benefits of using the GitLab platform as a single source for your DevOps toolchain.

Register now to watch and learn:

  • How Bitnami & GitLab addresses why developers are currently weary of using containers in production
  • How Helm seamlessly deploys containerized applications
  • The benefits of using Monocular as a front-end UI with Helm Charts
  • How the GitLab platform can make your DevOps toolchain more efficient
  • The benefit of using serverless computing with Kubeless

About the Hosts

Mavian Ruiz

Mavian Ruiz / Bitnami

Mavian is the Partner Marketing Manager for Bitnami, based in San Francisco, CA

Rick Spencer

Rick Spencer / Bitnami

Rick Spencer is the VP of Engineerning for Bitnami, based in Washington, D.C

Jason Plum

Jason Plum / GitLab

Jason Plum, Sr. Build Engineer for GitLab, based in Lancaster, PA