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Our upcoming webinar features Mattermost Team Edition, an open source, self-hosted Slack-alternative under the MIT license. Many and most workplace chat applications come with limitations. Mattermost Team Edition provides flexibility with a customizable and configurable workplace messaging application for companies, while still upholding the features of most popular chat applications, like archiving, search, slash commands, and file sharing to name a few.

With Mattermost, companies can self-host all of their workplace messaging providing peace of mind for companies that need to be cautious of private information. Join Bitnami and Mattermost CEO, Ian Tien, in this webinar as he demonstrates why thousands of companies have chosen to use Mattermost, the open source Slack-alternative.

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  • The benefits and features of a self-hosted workplace messaging system.
  • How to get started and customize your Mattermost team.
  • How to configure your Mattermost application across mobile, web, and PC.
  • How to seamlessly import a team from Slack.

About the Hosts

David Dennis

David Dennis

David is the Vice President of Marketing for Bitnami, based in San Francisco, California.

Ian Tien

Ian Tien

Ian Tien is the Chief Executive Officer for Mattermost, based in Palo Alto, CA.

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