Marrying Content & Commerce to Offer Emotional Shopping with Shopware

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As shoppers become more savvy in online shopping, consumers' and shop owners' expectations of an eCommerce platform change rapidly. Taking shoppers on a journey, inspiring them, telling them stories and appealing to their imagination are no longer nice-to-have features but, they have become 100% necessary in order to increase conversion rates and maximize success in eCommerce. Shopware, a fully open-source platform with a strong, out of the box CMS and eCommerce suite, offers an optimized way to address today's eCommerce climate.

In this webinar, we will take you through the Shopware Platform to show you how the combination of content and commerce does not have to be an abstract goal to accomplish. For shop owners, eCommerce managers, designers and developers alike, this webinar will give you a glimpse of the possibilities and features Shopware 5 has to offer.

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  • Combining content and eCommerce in order to maximize consumer influence and increase conversion
  • Shopware's plugin system that extends the backend and frontend of the Shopware platform
  • How you can completely customize the Shopware platform in order to meet your business' unique needs
  • Shopware's innovative features that focus on optimal usability for your business and your customers

About the Hosts

Mavian Ruiz

Mavian Ruiz / Bitnami

Mavian is the Partner Marketing Manager for Bitnami, based in San Francisco California

Stephan Butterhoff

Stephan BÜtterhoff / Shopware

International Sales Manager for Shopware, based in Schöppingen, Germany