WordPress Cloud Management Console

Easily Self-Manage All Your WordPress Instances

Running Self-Managed Production-Ready WordPress Deployments in the Cloud

Find all your deployments and manage them easily

Bitnami and Automattic have partnered to create the best production-ready templates for running WordPress on the AWS cloud: secure, scalable and upgradable deployments that come with Jetpack pre-installed and follow AWS best practices. The WordPress Cloud Management Console extends this work and provides a great user experience for launching and managing all your production WordPress deployments.

Highly Available and Scalable

The Bitnami WordPress solution is designed to keep your sites up and running even if the underlying cloud platform is experiencing problems spanning multiple availability zones. No additional configuration or setup needed.

Deployments are load balanced and horizontally scalable, following AWS Well-Architected Framework best-practices. Default server configurations are fine-tuned for performance, including caching and CDN support.

Secure with Logging and Monitoring Capabilities

New versions of WordPress are available as soon as they are released, so you are always running the latest and greatest. Easily upgrade both WordPress and the underlying technology stack (such as PHP) when security vulnerabilities are discovered.

Great built-in logging and monitoring tools make it easy to understand the performance of your deployment and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Ease-of-Use and Backup and Restore

Managing production deployments is never easy, but we have gone to great lengths to build a great user experience: from one-click deployments and upgrades, to defaults that “just work.”

Easily backup and restore your deployments as needed thanks to the bundled Jetpack plugin, which also provides a host of additional functionalities.

Manage your deployment backups from the Jetpack plugin

Not Just WordPress

WordPress is just the beginning! We are working hard to expand support of additional clouds and applications. Request early access below and we’ll send you an update when more are added.