BitNami Mentions Roundup

Jul 24, 2008 | Tags:
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We have put a lot of effort in building BitNami from the ground up, and it is a great satisfaction learning that it is useful to others.

We got mentioned in the past in LifeHacker and it seems the editors continue to use our MediaWiki stack themselves

Mike Gunderloy over at OSTATIC reported on our modularization efforts as did John Conroy at CMSWire . Ross McKillop created a detailed step-by-step guide complete with screenshots on how to install WordPress on Vista and Mike Jennings comments on his experience getting started with BitNami

Users at RealSoftware forums discovered another use of BitNami: quickly and safely trying different bug tracking software while Codeka developers learned how to install their app on top of BitNami

We have been gladly surprised at how widely BitNami software has been adopted all around the world (over 150 countries!) in such a short time period. You can check out blog the coverage that we got recently in German (danke!)
and the video tutorial on how to install WordPress.