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Bitnami Applications Bitnami Applications

We make server software easier to use, regardless of platform — in a VM, the cloud, or a container. Try one of the 140+ applications and development runtimes we package and learn what makes Bitnami awesome. View Apps

Bitnami Toolchain Bitnami Toolchain

An end-to-end automation platform used by Bitnami to create, secure, publish and update software stacks for all the major container and cloud platforms, from a single Docker image to a scalable Cloud Formation template. Learn More

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“I love the Bitnami guys. They make it dead simple for anybody to run an application in the cloud.”

Dr. Werner Vogels
Amazon VP CTO

“Working with Bitnami, Oracle now enables customers to immediately take advantage of a large library of ready-to-run enterprise application images on the Oracle Compute Platform.”

Sanjay Sinha
Vice President, Platform Products, Oracle

“Since Bitnami partnered with Microsoft Azure, they have helped hundreds of organizations deploy applications and accounted for significant increases in Microsoft Azure compute hours each and every month.”

Gianugo Rabellino
Director of Accessibility, Cloud+Enterprise Division, Microsoft

Same Experience Everywhere

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Local Installers
Virt mach
Virtual Machines

Benefits of Bitnami Applications

Trusted Trusted

Bitnami Applications are curated and packaged following consistent standards. Whether you want to deploy an application as a virtual machine or launch it in the cloud, the experience is nearly identical — making us trusted by developers and cloud providers worldwide.

Secure Secure

Whenever vulnerabilities or serious security issues are discovered, we update our Bitnami-packaged apps as soon as possible, often within hours of the availability of a fix.

Optimized Optimized

Our applications are completely self-contained and bundle all of the libraries, databases, and runtimes required to run on any platform. Additionally, our applications are configured optimally for the most common scenarios out of the box.

Up to date Up-To-Date

We have automated processes to track the latest release of all the applications that we support. When a new version becomes available, we update our Bitnami-packaged apps as soon as possible.

The Bitnami Toolchain Process

Curated & Tested
Custom VM & Container Images
1-Click to Deploy
Multi-Cloud Publication
Multi-Tier Application Templates
Public & Private Cloud Images
Cloud-Specific Documentation & Tutorials
Integrate with Cloud-Native Services

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