BitNami Stack for JRuby Released!

Mar 06, 2008 | Tags:
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We’re happy to announce the release of JRubyStack for Linux, Windows and OS X.

JRuby is a 100% Java implementation of the Ruby programming language. It is Ruby for the JVM. JRuby provides a complete set of core “builtin” classes and syntax for the Ruby language, as well as most of the Ruby Standard Libraries.

The BitNami JRubyStack includes ready-to-run versions of JRuby, Rails, Java, Tomcat, GlassFish gem, MySQL and Subversion. With JRubyStack you can:

  • Develop your JRuby on Rails application using Java from Ruby.
  • Launch your application with the GlassFish server thanks to the GlassFish gem.
  • Make a .war file out of your application in 3 simple steps (see Quick Start Guide for details).
  • Deploy it to the bundled Tomcat.
  • Commit and Checkout your code with the subversion client.

Check it out and let us know what you think in our forums.

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