BitNami Stacks Now Available as Ubuntu Appliances

Mar 22, 2010 | Tags:
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As you may know, we first released virtual appliances of all of the BitNami-packaged applications last July. The first set of BitNami Virtual Appliances were based on openSUSE via a partnership with Novell. While those appliances have been very popular, we want to offer users a choice of operating platforms, so we recently released a new set of virtual appliances based on Ubuntu, which we know is extremely popular with BitNami users.

The BitNami Virtual Appliances make it easy to deploy applications in a virtualized environment, so you don’t have to install them on your machine or worry about them interfering with other software on your system. After you have a hypervisor (several are available free of charge) installed, you simply need to download your virtual machine image (or ‘virtual appliance’) of choice and launch it. The whole process takes just minutes and makes it easy to test new applications. To learn more, check out our virtual machine image how-to. To try one of the new Ubuntu-based appliances, visit, select the application or development environment you want to use, scroll down to the ‘virtual’ section and click on the download link underneath the Ubuntu logo.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions for improvement for the BitNami Virtual Appliances, please post to our forums.