New BitNami eZPublish Stack

Jun 15, 2008 | Tags:
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Recently we have released a new BitNami featured stack that makes it easier than ever to have your own customized web application. The most important feature of this great software are the customization possibilities that it offers.

eZ Publish is not just a CMS software, it is a framework to develop web applications. The base features allow you to easily create a site according to your needs, from a personal homepage to an e-commerce site.

The BitNami eZPublish Stack besides bundling eZ Publish software, provides you with the whole environment you will need to run it. The current version includes the Apache HTTP Server 2.2.8, PHP 5.2.6 and MySQL Database Server 5.0.51.

You just need to download, run the installer and a few clicks later you will able to to create your own customized site. You can give feedback or ask for help in the eZ Publish subforum.