Get enterprise-grade Bitnami images using VMware Application Catalog

VMware Application Catalog provides enterprise developers with trusted, pre-packaged Open Source components that are continuously maintained & verifiably tested for use in production environments.

Why should you switch from Bitnami to VMware Application Catalog?

In addition to securely packaging open source images, VMware Application Catalog takes care of all open source governance and maintenance activities, helping you build a faster, more secure path to production.

Enterprise-grade security

Ensure that you get the latest versions of open source components - pre-packaged and ready to use - as soon as they are available upstream, with our continuously refreshed catalog

Tested for production usage

Our images are security scanned, tested and validated for use across all major cloud & K8s end platforms, enabling you to use them in production with confidence

Comprehensive SBOM

Gain visibility into code provenance, dependencies, and OSS licenses to better control the complexities of an ever-growing open source software supply chain

Base OS Customization

Enjoy the flexibility to choose any base OS as per your enterprise standards and policies

Comparison: Bitnami Application Catalog vs VMware Application Catalog

Features Bitnami Application Catalog VMware Application Catalog
Update cadence Best effort Daily refresh of catalog triggered by component updates
Support Community VMware support
Base operating system Debian Customer choice
Governance Basic information on components and licenses within the images Enhanced Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) with detailed metadata and build time reports
Feature requests Community Priority
Kubeapps support Community VMware support
Content Storage Public Private
Recommended use Development Production

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