If you want to evaluate kubernetes or get started using Kubernetes, take a look at our step by step instructions to learn how to set it up, and start deploying and scaling applications.

Get Started with Kubernetes


Bitnami makes it easy to run your applications in production on Kubernetes. We bring our catalog of trusted, up to date, and easy to use applications and application building blocks to Kubernetes. We do this by providing containers and Helm charts for all of the software you are likely to need. Bitnami has a decade of experience in application packaging, as well as being deeply involved in the Kubernetes project at all levels.

Bitnami’s Kubernetes Projects


Helm is the package manager for Kubernetes. Bitnami uses Helm to provide one click installation of applications into a Kubernetes cluster. Bitnami is a core contributor to the Helm project. Our expert chart writers ensure that the applications work right out of the box, and are configured to make the best use of the Kubernetes infrastructure.


Monocular is an app store that you can install on your Kubernetes cluster that allows you to launch applications on your cluster with one click. Monocular is the code that powers

Kubeapps is the website where you can discover all of the applications in the most important Helm repositories. Kubeapps is based on the Monocular project, and maintained by Bitnami on one of our Kubernetes clusters.


Kubeless is the serverless implementation for Kubernetes. Kubeless runs on your Kubernetes cluster, and provides a serverless implementation out of the box. Kubeless is CLI compatible with the Google Cloud Functions CLI, and
compatibility with AWS Lambda is coming soon.


ksonnet is an open source configuration tool for Kubernetes based on the jsonnet templating library. It is designed to be easy to use, yet extensible and powerful enough so it can cover as many scenarios as possible. Bitnami is co-developing ksonnet in partnership with Heptio and others.


Bitnami training

We literally wrote the book on Kubernetes. Our team of Kubernetes experts provides training and certification for Kubernetes. We deliver such training at KubeCon and other top Kubernetes conferences, as well as directly to companies.

Kubernetes Cookbook Kubernetes Training

Bitnami Kubernetes Service Provider

Our team

We are a global team of seasoned professionals from all walks of the Open Source community. Our team features SREs from Google who are experts at running Kubernetes in production, engineers and senior leaders from the Ubuntu project, Cloud Foundry, VMware and other companies.

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  • Are a company and are considering moving your application to microservices
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