• Linux

    Version Size Checksum
    LAMP 5.6.30-2 (64-bit) 95 MB show
    MD5: a47803fcac500ff1505560bc8f2ef022
    SHA1: 629d449a87d3145ebdb02daa9f95f01a3c41e0ff
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    LAMP 7.1.2-1 Dev (64-bit) 125 MB show
    MD5: bf0f5575a71738ea8415ff806d45484a
    SHA1: 1d2b199fa724f698c1fabe079d837d9106067f49
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    LAMP 7.0.16-1 Dev (64-bit) 125 MB show
    MD5: 16fab14c7382a396dbb2b1f793dd22ab
    SHA1: 59423e89ccb58fb112c096c84ad2b211277d8911
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