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You can find additional documentation at the Bitnami Virtual Machine FAQ.

  • VMware Virtual Machines

    Ubuntu 14.04

    LAMP Stack
    Version Size Checksum
    LAMP Stack 5.5.30-0 (64-bit) 401 MB show
    MD5: b195c1155bba9f9e1e77b04010581cf1
    SHA1: ce8304f78f49b3ed2d34cf9bb16a5afc8136f573
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    LAMP Stack 5.4.45-1 (64-bit) 388 MB show
    MD5: d60f2264c855714de1c6989092fa92df
    SHA1: 196c77474bd75930d909a301d39ff28f8ac372c7
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    LAMP Stack 5.3.29-0 (64-bit) 434 MB show
    MD5: 0560efde7e1c4f007274418eee9be34a
    SHA1: 501344d54825efd53f0f723b99422dccbacbdf5b
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    LAMP Stack 7.0.0RC3-0 Dev (64-bit) 386 MB show
    MD5: 7ad595c9e4e71284f359e08a1cf18840
    SHA1: d29170e643b40e7c4f75ba4a586b0628ccab2db3
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    LAMP Stack 5.6.14-0 Dev (64-bit) 401 MB show
    MD5: 9026fb49ca553b9f5a43479c44b945f6
    SHA1: b309040a74adffb7d13df41a01c028817f928dd1
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    If you are using VMware ESX, ESXi or VirtualBox, check our article on how to start Bitnami virtual appliances.

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