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You can find additional documentation at the Bitnami Virtual Machine FAQ.

  • VMware Virtual Machines

    Ubuntu 14.04

    LAMP Stack
    Version Size Checksum
    LAMP Stack 5.5.27-0 (64-bit) 394 MB show
    MD5: 6e47dfcd5585851a6f9cd5e4b4789984
    SHA1: 05e7b9a8fd0e5ad68a4899bea1bbbe4910ad619e
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    LAMP Stack 5.4.43-0 (64-bit) 387 MB show
    MD5: 94bd934c2073a3f4eea0f56b37bf7f51
    SHA1: 9a802872e0a5c3f66a0934e52c28b576c1a4773b
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    LAMP Stack 5.3.29-0 (64-bit) 434 MB show
    MD5: 0560efde7e1c4f007274418eee9be34a
    SHA1: 501344d54825efd53f0f723b99422dccbacbdf5b
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    LAMP Stack 7.0.0beta2-1 Dev (64-bit) 379 MB show
    MD5: 98d5eb75b66f1c204b2f61ddbc56c7ac
    SHA1: e758012120cf90477b34d9ee2c1e804e0a93de88
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    LAMP Stack 5.6.11-0 Dev (64-bit) 394 MB show
    MD5: 42ffbb99e856ae5c6a11401d7e4c437a
    SHA1: 0511234964047e0543dd19dccea3fa9c535bce43
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    If you are using VMware ESX, ESXi or VirtualBox, check our article on how to start Bitnami virtual appliances.

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