• Linux

    Version Size Checksum
    LAPP 5.6.30-2 (64-bit) 110 MB show
    MD5: f69fed5e3e0c85664150ec4002f6c42d
    SHA1: 2e52c772da8435cfa28d72738d48a470287fa6e8
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    LAPP 7.1.2-1 Dev (64-bit) 113 MB show
    MD5: 70563608f8ad8cb4e74f12a7b97c9c0f
    SHA1: ad9f9b81e10f4df832396c6e058b13b04b028099
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    LAPP 7.0.16-1 Dev (64-bit) 113 MB show
    MD5: 55ddce471d381afbc2f0510c81a3d12e
    SHA1: b7abd7e57f6bf4c004a7ca1df0bd87cf2e2b4a91
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