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You can find additional documentation at the Bitnami Virtual Machine FAQ.

  • Virtual Machines compatible with Oracle VirtualBox and VMware vSphere, Workstation, and Fusion

    Ubuntu 14.04

    Version Size Checksum
    LAPP 5.6.24-0 (64-bit) 455 MB show
    MD5: 028f0e1c4a582dc483c063b2ee1737d9
    SHA1: f63c5687e104d0a58eb56e0799cdfc240baf59e0
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    LAPP 5.5.38-0 (64-bit) 454 MB show
    MD5: fdbcc48350655189f0cbba3531da9bcf
    SHA1: a9f396b19a9a71660ebbc2910fd72e24ea398e16
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    LAPP 7.0.9-0 Dev (64-bit) 433 MB show
    MD5: a75469c00228c668001cc2d0722b52ec
    SHA1: a9776f2ce513c8bc07e4a031bfb487e4794075a4
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