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You can find additional documentation at the Bitnami Virtual Machine FAQ.

  • VMware Virtual Machines

    Ubuntu 14.04

    LAPP Stack
    Version Size Checksum
    LAPP Stack 5.4.38-0 (64-bit) 391 MB show
    MD5: 7f1b42d425be0cbb0f5cf83692fa153c
    SHA1: e1d6a168df2d148b970202645419071529976eac
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    LAPP Stack 5.3.29-0 (64-bit) 426 MB show
    MD5: d955c4d6bfe642fb9d668026f9f7b443
    SHA1: b1b9bc419107c63c9d740d29a6bfe91f787bbb89
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    LAPP Stack 5.6.6-0 Dev (64-bit) 393 MB show
    MD5: 2994c143ae248545809374a4b053b5c9
    SHA1: b2e56ae257e6faab038b5a83ee9a4c37456037b4
    Download Download
    LAPP Stack 5.5.22-0 Dev (64-bit) 393 MB show
    MD5: 1d040d03c22dfd9cf1a41b97e80699ac
    SHA1: 50440ec588489275bee11cba49887acac1486f7c
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    If you are using VMware ESX, ESXi or VirtualBox, check our article on how to start Bitnami virtual appliances.

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