• WebMail Pro PHP

    WebMail Pro PHP is an enterprise-grade webmail system. It offers a responsive, modern interface, broad compatibility with popular email systems and key features like message threading, thumbnail previews and encryption.

    WebMail Pro PHP
    Version Platform Size Checksum
    WebMail Pro PHP Module 7.6.8-2 Linux 64-bit 18 MB show
    MD5: 7dbe9f7ff6cde77a20a6bb86760c67c4
    SHA1: 6be1a7ca1b7a57944cb6c623c7545332a2f9b55d
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    WebMail Pro PHP Module 7.6.8-2 Linux 16 MB show
    MD5: e643bd4eae4b4f64dfd89b1e218e475c
    SHA1: cab939926e05fa5262886fc1313dcb44544a3516
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  • DokuWiki

    DokuWiki is a standards-compliant, simple to use wiki optimized for creating documentation. It is targeted at developer teams, workgroups, and small companies. All data is stored in plain text files, so no database is required.

    Version Platform Size Checksum
    DokuWiki Module 20160626a-0 Linux 64-bit 17 MB show
    MD5: a020d4b1117712238eab2b0b7b43b426
    SHA1: 792e57a5f5e023ec57afd28db92a3baa7e8b4e79
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    DokuWiki Module 20160626a-0 Linux 15 MB show
    MD5: 49916c94d08532589a8d241de9f9339f
    SHA1: efb2e37a1cb6aeae338e06ec266ee03b99fc3afd
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