• DokuWiki

    DokuWiki is a standards-compliant, simple to use wiki optimized for creating documentation. It is targeted at developer teams, workgroups, and small companies. All data is stored in plain text files, so no database is required.

    Version Platform Size Checksum
    DokuWiki Module 20150810a-1 Linux 15 MB show
    MD5: 1d03b90a2fc994e7487efaacf7256ba8
    SHA1: 956899218a8702bd39f14285dba4621910bd7d90
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    DokuWiki Module 20150810a-1 Linux 64-bit 17 MB show
    MD5: 22d5fd9f1568ce1b9ea0a603cd7aacf5
    SHA1: 06a0798ccfcfe952be071acbb9a5ea589d836080
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  • Codiad

    Codiad is a web-based IDE framework with a small footprint and minimal requirements. Codiad was built with simplicity in mind, allowing for fast, interactive development without the massive overhead of some of the larger desktop editors.

    Version Platform Size Checksum
    Codiad Module 2.6.6-1 Linux 14 MB show
    MD5: 295686e81e1b6f722ed94a46c030eeb5
    SHA1: 7653810c71f35a6a59f2e8fcc87ed6db44d0f1f8
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    Codiad Module 2.6.6-1 Linux 64-bit 15 MB show
    MD5: c6d9226e0a9c7091e31cd2d660769ba4
    SHA1: 8df95d8fafce69f3a08269c90c988046a5f76763
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  • Sitecake

    Sitecake is a simple, drag and drop CMS for fast editing.

    Version Platform Size Checksum
    Sitecake Module 2.2.9-1 Linux 15 MB show
    MD5: fa9267913bc85efc12afeeca6d044012
    SHA1: b40fc7b0b990a075126b261f6869a2fe536d89a0
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    Sitecake Module 2.2.9-1 Linux 64-bit 17 MB show
    MD5: 711bfaf9fae153090f0e4abfad251be7
    SHA1: eadacd61ea6b00f31567db574711f286d473c547
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